The power of Dreams

to transform your life

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In Damanhur, the ability to dream has been cultivated and studied by collecting information and practices transmitted over millennia from peoples around the world. From this research, a school of dreams was created over the last 40 years.
In this school of dreams, where we explore ancient and modern knowledge about the power of dreams to transform your life, a seminar was created to offer an introduction to a completely new way to approach life and to realize your dreams.
If you believe that sleep is much more than just rest, this course can offer a confirmation and guide you to a new understanding of life.
This course is a journey for you to know and interpret your dreams, to distinguish different levels of sleep, to take the first steps toward lucid dreaming and expressing your talents.
In this course, you will receive five patterns and fundamental techniques to guide the unconscious during your dreams.
We kindly ask you to bring with you a woodstick that you can find in nature.
Height range 40 ~ 50 cm. The stick should be like a finger thick.
With: Formica Coriandolo
Registration needed
Fee: € 250,- lunches included
Duration: 2 days

The course is given in English