Inner Harmonization 1st Level

Inner HarmonizationTune into the frequency of lightness and freedom

Inner Harmonization from Damanhur Spiritual Eco-Community in Italy is a practice that connects with the breath as the source of life, presence and vitality.

Expand the energy field and clarify inner frequencies by sounding tones resonating from the chakras - the energy centers of the body - while using specific hand positions and spiral movements. The practice of Inner Harmonization brings us into contact with the life force energies that are in us and all around us, opening to awareness, alignment and synchronicity.

Facilitator: Quaglia Cocco

Quaglia is originally from the USA and has been a citizen of Damanhur for more than eight years. She has practiced Inner Harmonization for nine years, as well as Damanhurian Sacred Dance as a path of spiritual devotion. Quaglia is also an Ecstatic Dance facilitator, writer, artist and spiritual healer.

Duration: 2 days

The course is given in English