Esoteric Physics

The Spiritual Philosophy and Physics is an introduction to a path of research that leads to the heart of Damanhurian philosophy, the Knowledge that Falco brought with him in his journey on Earth.The study in this field allows you to explore the mysteries of the universe and the human beings, in order to harmonize the scientific and spiritual vision.

To elaborate these themes allows you to gain a wider perception of self and of life. Its purpose, in addition to the cognitive aspects, is the creation of lifestyles that go hand in hand with the laws that govern the universal balance.
Spiritual Philosophy and Physics explore the nature of the soul, the different parts that make it and that make us mediums of ourselves, Inner Personalities, the Inner Senses that belong to the divine origin of the human being, reincarnation, the Laws that govern the universe and life, the structure of time, Cosmogenesis, the spiritual ecosystems, Magic and magical technology.
Duration: 1 or 2 days
The course is given in English