Alchemy School Basic Course

Introduction to the Theoretical and Experiential World of Alchemy
The alchemist is an eclectic artist who aspires to achieve completeness in every aspect of life. While there are various perspectives on alchemy that span millennia and many philosophical traditions, Damanhur's Alchemy School focuses on the maximum evolution and expression of one's potential.

In this introductory course—which is also the first two days of the Alchemy School first year program—you begin to develop your potential as you gain alchemical knowledge and learn about the most important alchemical tools: the physical and energetic body, perception, thoughts, emotions, the forces of nature and the natural elements.
At the end of this course, you will have a precise understanding of the importance of the Elements, establishing a first-hand relationship with the elements of water and fire. Through the use and creation of alchemical distillates, you will activate a process of self-transformation by working with substances within and outside of yourself

Required: A Ring notebook with hole sheets • A handful of courgette seeds • A personal lighter

Duration: 2 days
The course is given in English